I thought Spring was here but ... - Sunday March 18, 2018

today the rain came back and it was a miserable cold wet day. Yesterday however it was nice and sunny and we finally got that bike ride in we had been wanting to do. I do feel like I am cheating a bit when I engage the electric boost in my new bike but I do really think this will get me out more. George goes so fast and I know I slow him down although he never says so. And its like being a kid again. I’m looking forward to exploring Salt Spring Island with EVO

Wow, that sounds great! I’d probably do a little more bike-riding too if I could have a boost when I needed it. Although really, I’m way too busy for bike-riding! ;)

— Kelsey · Mar 19, 08:01 pm · #

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Sunshine for two whole days - Tuesday March 13, 2018

maybe we will have spring after all… we left Sunday morning for Anacortes and returned last night. Short trip but fun. Just a nice little get away. We packed our food so only had to eat out once and it was pretty bad. We ordered the Old Fashioned Turkey dinner but it wasn’t good at all. The whole plate was smothered in whitish gravy so it was difficult to make out any turkey or vegetables. oh well …. we are not sure just why there always seems to be a lot of cars at that restaurant. It does offer gigantic sized servings so maybe that’s the appeal.

That sounds like a wonderful little get-away. Too bad about your one dining out experience being so bad. Shrimp sandwiches look delish!

— Kelsey · Mar 14, 12:14 am · #

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while waiting for a tow truck .... - Sunday March 11, 2018

we were all set to go cycling on the dike in Steveston when we pulled over to take a look at all the snow geese along the dike. But then the car wouldn’t start. eventually, after calling BCAA and signing up again (as I had let the account lapse February of this year) all of a sudden it started. But we dared not turn off the engine again so we went back home to Coquitlam, left the car at Ian’s Auto and cycled the short ride home. All ended well. The day was too beautiful to be frustrated with anything!

Day at the beach - Monday February 19, 2018

Heidi has a standing reservation at her favorite beach restaurant. We got there early (0930) and stayed until they gave us the boot at about 4:00 in order to put away all the chairs and umbrellas, tables, etc. and then rake the beach and set up for dinner. Apparently they serve 90 dinners each evening. So much fun hanging out with Heidi because she knows everyone and has special vendors that seek her (and her guests!) out. Last week she took a few of her bracelets and necklaces that needed repair and a sweet girl fixed them all, then and there. I bought baubles of course … and we had the very, very best shrimp frajitas I’ve ever tasted!

That looks like a little slice of paradise right there! Enjoy the sun and warm weather. It’s quite cold and miserable here — so windy and stormy lately!

— Kelsey · Feb 19, 06:20 am · #

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kids welcoming us back from the beach - Monday February 19, 2018

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