A year ago ... off travelling - Tuesday May 23, 2017

I’m just finishing up my photo book on our Portugal, Spain book and doing some pages on Morocco. Although we only spent one day there it was so full of sights, sensations, conversations with so many people and the ferry ride over was a trip in itself.

Lunch with Alex - Saturday May 20, 2017

My friend Alex took us out for lunch. Sandra, our Spanish teacher, Maria (Sandra’s sister) and her husband Donaldo and I joined Alex for a bite at NuFood CafĂ© here in Coquitlam. Maria and Donaldo are visiting from Colombia. The menu is all vegan with some very interesting dishes. One of their specialties is their raw bread – incredible taste but too heavy for bread. I would serve that as a treat with coffee in little pieces. It is ground up nuts and some seeds with almond milk, etc. and then put into a dehydrator for about 24 hours. We had a nice visit with Alex and I trying to speak Spanish to our guests from Colombia and they in turn, trying to speak English to us. Maria is very determined to learn English and ti shows! she is doing so well. The rest of us fumble a lot … but oh well, its mostly for fun anyway

it is May, right? - Saturday May 13, 2017

Lori and I were off to another retreat, honestly – I hardly need a retreat from my life. My life is one big retreat! Seriously though, I am enjoying spending this time learning more about digital scrapbooking, various techniques and it is always a treat to spend time in beautiful surroundings. Look Lake is far enough away to feel like we are in the middle of nowhere but close enough to home to get back in less than an hour. The facilities are fairly new and as nice as one would expect when UBC partners with BC Forestry – kayaks, canoes, a beach, a zip line of sorts across the lake, stunning lodge with enormous timbers for beams, private rooms with decks … etc. Our tax dollars at work!

Calgary Forever Retreat - Friday May 12, 2017

Great weekend! Lori and I went attended a half day photo workshop including an outing to a Bird Sanctuary. We took our my “big girl cameras” as Nick Kelsh calls them and whoa, did I learn a lot! Spent lots of time in various sessions and came home with a ton of ideas for projects and perhaps a bit of a home business idea to explore

Ooooh, intriguing!!! Sounds like a fun workshop.

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impromptu BD party - Monday May 08, 2017

great weekend, I did indeed have the Beatles song sang to me. I made this page just yesterday at the retreat I went to in Calgary. A room full of digital scrappers, actually more like artists – saw some beautiful projects, got lots of ideas!

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