I decided to do a collage of photos with George and I for Valentines Day - Wednesday February 15, 2017

I was kind of surprised that over 5 years this are all the photos I came up with of the two of us. Tons of just him or just me or with other people. And I really do need to get better at selfies. George is pretty good because he has long arms! Any, a good day today for me. I went for a long 90 minute walk with my Chocolate Lab friend Sheba and then to an Essentrics Class which is really helping my back. I’m starting to feel more normal again without low level constant pain interceded with sharp stabbing pains. The better I feel the less motivated I become to continue my daily regime of stretches and physio exercises BUT I must be diligent with this! How do people live with constant pain. For me it was only a few weeks where the pain never fully went away – some people have to content with constant pain ongoing. Now I think I will go stretch!

Great collage! So glad the stretching is helping! I’m always less motivated to stretch too, if I’m feeling just fine.

— Kelsey · Feb 16, 05:58 PM · #

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Tofino - Wednesday February 08, 2017

well, our mini winter vacation is almost over. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful province. And in Canada. All the nonsense going on in the US right now is upsetting. I think so many of us living here have never experienced real injustice, racism, terrorism firsthand and may have become complacent. I look at my life, my pure luck for having been born to my parents in one of the richest countries in the world. Sometimes I feel guilty for that – and ashamed and I know, I can’t do much with those feelings -except to try to help where I can and stand up for my beliefs. The US is so powerful and has so much influence over us – and has a madman at its helm right now. God help us. Surely it is only a matter of a few short weeks and he will be impeached or silenced somehow.

Nice page layouts! Sounds like you’re having some fun times. See you soon!

— Kelsey · Feb 9, 12:52 PM · #

Hi Bonnie
Just followed your posts since Jan 28; congrats to Bryan for us. Beautiful boys. Nice shots from Tofino,the heated patio is sweet. sounds like you had a good time but for news distraction.
R and D

— Donay · Feb 11, 06:40 PM · #

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"We suffer well" - Tuesday February 07, 2017

Gorgeous day. And we are very happy not to be in the Lower Mainland where the snow is playing havoc with driving, sky trains, buses, etc. but, still – I do love the snow!

here we are in Tofino - Monday February 06, 2017

this morning we woke up to a blanket of snow here – something that doesn’t happen much in Tofino. We are back at Middle Beach Lodge for the 4th February in a row. I just love this place – like an old comfortable shoe – fits good, feels good. And I love the fresh cinnamon buns every morning and cookies at night. A short stroll gets us to the long strip of beach – great for strolls a couple times a day at least. Last year we were upgraded to the fancy room in the lodge as repairs were being done to our other room. Now we are spoiled. Paid the extra few bucks to have this wonderful room again. Private deck and awesome views to the east and south out corner windows.

Bossert Boys visit Grandma - Friday February 03, 2017

As usual we packed a lot into a few days including a visit to this favourite place. I hope they will want to come visit me for many years to come. They are growing up.

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