South of Spain - Wednesday January 18, 2017

the Sierra Nevada Mountain range gives a nice backdrop for this photo taken on a day trip from the Stone Cottage we stayed at in the province of Malaga near El Chorro and the Caminito Del Rey. Notice the absence of power lines everywhere. I want to go back.

tonight remembering Portugal - Tuesday January 17, 2017

and finishing up another page. I’m trying to challenge myself to do different techniques with my software. This was fun to do

Lisbon, Portugal Centro de Comercial - Saturday January 14, 2017

actually being Portugal, people spoke Portuguese of course. But everyone that I tried to talk to seemed to understand my simple Spanish – or were too polite to say differently. I’m having fun playing around with my photo book software. I filled the letters for Lisbon with images of tilework found everywhere in Lisbon. We went to a Tile Museum – my, amazing artwork

Love the letters! Nice layout!

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Remembering Portugal - Saturday January 14, 2017

this was one magnificent castle built in the 1700s for Portugal monarchs as a get-away place during the summer. Think summer cabin….heh heh. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and very accessible from Lisbon. We took a train a few blocks from our flat east to Sintra for this day trip. That same day we also visited a very stark and formidable looking Moorish Castle. By comparison this castle looks like Disneyland. I am finally starting my photo book for that May 2016 trip.

Is the Universe trying to tell me something? - Wednesday January 11, 2017

I’ve been dealing with flare-ups of chronic back pain for over 2 years now and have been to the doctor, chiropractors, physio and massage therapists and they all have been somewhat helpful but it seems I cannot get to the root of the problem and solve it! My last efforts have been with a physiotherapist/Pilates instructor and I will stick with the core strengthening exercises she is giving me. A couple of them instantly take the pressure off my lower back. We will see after some time.
The other approach I’m taking seems to be serendipitously falling into place – curious. I picked up the book “Aging Backwards” by Miranda Esmonde-White at Jess and Kelsey’s house and skimmed a bit. Jess told me to take a look at it, Kelsey had suggested I might find it useful. Then a couple days later George told me to watch a show he had spontaneously taped specifically for me about chronic pain. I watched and realized it was based on the same author’s work. And another interesting thing – I had already signed up for a class the week before called “Essentrics” which is what the author calls her program of gentle stretching and movement. Is the Universe trying to tell me something? “get thee to a class” and so I went today and then to Costco to buy her latest book which happens to be on sale there called “Forever Painless”. She is a Canadian and has been developing these programs and philosophy and writing books since the late 90s. She was a former ballerina with the Canadian National Ballet Company. Well, the class felt good and didn’t stress my back in an uncomfortable way – I’ll sure give this a try.

Wow, that is a sign! Loud and clear! I’ve been doing the stretching routines almost daily for a couple weeks and I can feel it helping quite a bit. I’m more limber and my joints seem to move more freely. And it’s also relaxing. :)
Good luck!

— Kelsey · Jan 12, 07:46 PM · #

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