Science World - always a good idea - Tuesday March 21, 2017

hey this is my 500th photo on this photo blog. I started here in 2011 and have been fairly consistent at keeping it up. I make photo books for fun. I do one of family memories for each year – starting in 2008. And then books for special trips, special events and some for the most special people in my life. They truly are a labor of love as many hours go into each – a joy to do though – takes me back to all those life adventures I have been most fortunate to have. The pages here go into one of the books. This one will be for 2017 Memories.
This is the 2nd page of a trip Toby and Ari made to visit George and I.

Here come the Cousins - Tuesday March 21, 2017

both Toby and Ari have birthdays in January so it seemed like a good idea to have them come together for their birthday visit to Grandma’s house. Toby had definite ideas about what we could do – pretty much what Braeden and his friend Evan did – and so we followed the same itinerary. We started off with Extreme Air and included sky train trip to Science World, twice swimming, movies and gelato every day

time for a haircut - Monday March 20, 2017

Michael sent me these photos of Mollie getting her spring pruning! She looks very patient with the whole process and seems quite nonchalant about her sporty – albeit – somewhat sparse look. in a week or so it all fluffs up nicely and she is once again that stunning dog I once knew!! Good job Mike!

Happy Birthday Judie! - Friday March 17, 2017

we were so young! Little did we know how our lives would unfold. We have kept in touch – albeit sporadically over the years. Last summer we took a walk together in North Van where Judie lives. And we will do that again. We have a shared history together that I treasure.

two nights here - Monday March 06, 2017

finally getting some photo books done of previous paddles and hikes. The two photos here show scenes forever embedded in my memory. 2009 paddle trip to the Kitlope where we got stranded for 2 nights – everything Mike and I had was soaked – including sleeping bags. I remember that night we huddled under a survivor blanket. Happy ending though as it enabled us to seek the help of The Watchmen and form bonds between us all.

Wow, that looks like a very memorable trip. I can’t say I’m sorry to have missed it though… ;)

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