My work setting - Tuesday November 29, 2016

I’m on Saltspring working on the photo book for Tera’s 40th Birthday. I rented a tiny cabin down the road from Tera on St Mary’s Lake. Just a beautiful morning today, one that I want to savor as the weather is slated to returned to rain and clouds tomorrow. Today is a gift. As always, a gift.

It looks beautiful!!! So peaceful. What a treat for you!

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page after page of memories - Monday November 07, 2016

I’m back at work …. but this kind of work is fun – a labor of love putting together Tera’s 40th birthday present, a photobook of memories from childhood to now. I have lots of help from family and friends. She knows I am doing this as I did one for Jess. This makes it a lot easier because I can fire off questions about different photos but it also means I have even more material to work with and this one book has now morphed into two!

a hike many years ago - Friday October 21, 2016

I think this was up Apex Mountain and we went with Barb Lock and her girls Gena and Jessica. Gena was a BFF for many years even after we moved to Kelowna. Barb and I went to Mothers Morning Out – this was where we could leave the kids with some kindly grandmotherly sorts and attend different lectures, speaker meetings etc. The only problem was that only a thin divider wall lay between us and small children who didn’t always get along, who cried, and generally acted (loudly) like children. I especially remember the time Tera was bitten by “that kid who always bites”. It was hard to just sit there and listen to that – so, of course I went over as did the rest of the moms and the rest of the hour was spent trying to bring some peace to the situation. But even with the constant distractions, I loved Mom’s Morning Out. It was a different world back then. No social media, no internet or anything on TV really, and in our small town – only CBC and a country music station. I was eager to connect with other mothers and like minded souls. I can see how important community institutions such as Church, the Legion, our Food Co-op and Oddfellows, etc. were in bygone days. When I think of it we were a tight little community and we had good friends and neighbours who relied on each other in so many ways – for entertainment, child-minding, lending and borrowing numerous things – from tools to flour. The world is different now. Although there is nostalgia for those days, I love that Alma sends me text messages and Braeden Facetimes me!! Gone are the days when I would eagerly wait for mail delivery at the Post Office to see if any of my old friends had written me a letter.

what a crop! - Sunday October 16, 2016

the apple tree at their new place was loaded. the apples were small as the tree has been neglected but they are tasty. Lots of applesaucing in Tera’s future.

a few years ago - Sunday October 16, 2016

what a beautiful wedding it was for Tera and Owen. We celebrated the day at Sunset Acres and they were married under the Weeping Willow tree. The reception, dance and party was magical under the stars. Tera carved their names into the cliff behind the cabin where all our names had been carved over the years along with other names from back to the 1800s.

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