Happy Birthday Kelsey - Friday November 17, 2017

you are always taking photos of others….wish I had more of just you! Happy Birthday to you. And thank you for all you do.

Awww, thanks Bonnie! It’s been a great birthday weekend — lots of friends and family celebrating. Thanks for the collage!

— Kelsey · Nov 21, 03:19 am · #

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Jamieson family comes to visit - Monday November 13, 2017

great visit, great brunch. Bryan is back from Tower for awhile before he heads back to Argentina, always good to see him. The kids have a new puppy “Sunny” or Sunny Bear” – a real little sweetie, reminds me a bit of Juni with such soft ears and small boned body. Maybe we can make future November 11th weekends a traditional time for Jamieson family Brunch. That would be nice, something George and I would like very much.

I think Fall has ended, last photos of SSI - Friday November 03, 2017

The view from Mobey’s Pub where we like to order calamari was particularly beautiful the day we left Salt Spring after putting the trailer to bed for the winter – sigh. We will open it up in March when they turn the water back on. The bottom 2 photos are from Tera’s deck and backyard. I will miss going there as much as I have over the last few months. Might not make it back there til Christmas now…

halloween - Wednesday November 01, 2017

we had fewer kids this year but some awesome costumes. Im trying to get back into the routine of throwing up some photos and text on a regular basis. That makes doing my annual photobooks a lot easier. This year I did a few other books as well; two for Michael’s family and finally got our Spain and Portugal book done. After days and days of stunningly gorgeous weather, I can now hear the rain begin to fall as I sit here tonight …we are in for a few days of it…so glad the little ones had both excellent weather and more daylight as we turn our clocks back later this year.

spooky - Wednesday November 01, 2017

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