Labyrinth - Sunday September 25, 2016

another wonderful weekend that extended into Monday night. I left Nanaimo at 3:30 for Victoria and had a visit with the boys, Jess and Kelsey. I even managed lunch with Julie which was so nice as I haven’t seen much of her these days. The boys are growing up so fast. I hope they always feel comfortable enough to talk about just about anything with me. Always a pleasure to hear their perspective on things. And they are good talkers. I like that. The only downfall was getting to the ferry before 4 pm only to find the 5 was full and the 7pm was iffy. Thankfully made it on the 7 pm after 3 hours in lineup, 1.5 hours on the ferry followed with a 45 minutes drive home. WOW. That’s about 5.5 hours total. that is just way too long. Note to self – ALWAYS make a reservation – even on a Monday.

I love September - Wednesday September 21, 2016

almost as much as January, September feels like the start of another year. We had a busy, busy summer but also full of fun, grandkids and adventures. Certainly not much time to work on photobooks. But that must change because I have a very important book to complete by end of the year. And then there is the photobook I want to do on our Spain/Portugal trip and also the one I want to do about past hikes and paddle trips that were such a big part of my life. And sometime I would like to do a heritage book on my family roots. And then there are the yearbooks I have been doing since 2008. I am behind. Sometimes Life is just too interesting to stop and spend time writing about it. Best to be out there doing it!

Women's Day 2016 - Sunday September 18, 2016

Sandy, Pat and Shannon came down from Vernon for the weekend to be part of the Women’s Retreat here in Coquitlam. The rain was fierce and unrelenting and we enjoyed being inside listening to some awesome women, passionately engaged in life and willing to share some of their wisdom, strength and hope.
Saturday night we had a sleepover like when we were kids complete with popcorn, chocolate, laughter and giggles and some soul sharing too. Good friends!

Tera sent this to me this morning - Friday September 16, 2016

what a view to wake up to……

Is this Serda? - Saturday August 06, 2016

Serda is the Inuit people’s equivalent of a Mermaid who is beautiful, lives in the cold waters of the Arctic and lives to entice unsuspecting whalers with her charms. She sings songs and beckons them to come closer and then casts a spell and they are so mesmerized they topple into the sea. No, this isn’t Serda but she sure looks comfortable in the water. We were there with Ari and her friend Mercy. Alma can dive off the board and Ari can dive from the edge. Mercy can’t really swim but that didn’t stop her from jumping off the board – as long as George was there to scoop her to the edge. Great fun.

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